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  • 15 – Coco Chanel

    This week we examine the lurid history of the famous fashion designer Coco Chanel. Her fashions include the token Little Black Dress and the Chanel Suit but her other accolades […]

  • 14 – Boudicca

    If you think Braveheart was good, join us this week as we discuss a real-life total badass who lead a brutal and bloody rebellion against the Roman forces as they […]

  • 13 – Harriet Tubman

    Harriet Tubman was a famed conductor of the Underground Railroad. Tune in this week to learn about Harriet’s history and learn about her struggle to gain her freedom and do […]

  • 12 – Marie Laveau

    Join us this week to learn the history and misconceptions surrounding the famed Voodoo Queen of New Orleans!

  • 11 – Mabel Stark

    Lions and tigers and bears, OH MY! Just kidding, it’s only tigers and maybe a panther or two. Join us this week to learn about one of the United States’ […]

  • 9 – Mary Mallon

    In this episode, we learn about the woman known as Typhoid Mary, though I still think Typhoid Tony has a better ring to it, and also learn a little bit […]

  • 8 – Irene Gut Opdyke

    Lauren’s pronunciation gets put to the test AGAIN, and we learn about Irene Gut Opdyke’s heroic story through World War II and her drive to help as many people as […]

  • 7 – Grace Hopper

    This week we talk about Grace Hopper, a completely awe inspiring woman who pioneered computer science as we know it. From her naval career to coining the term “debugging”, Grace […]

  • 6 – Elizabeth Báthory

    Elizabeth Báthory was a profound serial killer of her time in history. She created an environment thick with fear among her people, though there are some doubts as to her […]