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  • 5 – Mary Grace Quackenbos Humiston

    In this episode, we discuss Mary Grace Quackenbos Humiston, a woman whose strong sense of doing the right thing led her to a high ranking DoJ position and the power […]

  • 4 – Fulvia

    The one where Lauren’s latin gets put to the test and Katie sounds like a robot. We’re working on it, promise! Fulvia was a woman who wielded power in her […]

  • 3 – Ma Barker

    Welcome Katie (who’s totally not a robot) to What a Woman podcast! We learn about Ma Barker and her family of gangsters, question the overall knowledge of finger printing, and […]

  • 2 – Sacagawea

    Sacagawea is often described as an important part of American history, serving as a guide to Lewis & Clark on their journey across America. In this episode, I talk about […]

  • 1 – Jane Seymour

    Jane Seymour was one of the more forgettable wives of Henry VIII, despite her being the only wife who died as his Queen. History has forgotten her as just another […]